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Liyang kangda new material Co .,Ltd.was transformed from Liyang Kangda Chemical Factory, and became a limited liability company. Liyang Kangda Chemical Factory, founded in 1978, was a branch of Liyang Tea & Fruit Breeding Farm subordinate to Liyang Municipal Agricultural and Forestry Bureau. It was an experimental plant of Nanjing University and produced “Nanda” single package room temperature curing silicone rubber (“RTV-1 silicone rubber” for short) products developed by Nanjing University. There are 70 employees including 5 designers and developers, 4 quality inspectors, 1 full-time calibration operator, 10 professional management personnel and 60 production service personnel. In addition, the retired professor of School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Nanjing University and the main inventor of “Nanda” single package room temperature curing silicone rubber, Zhou Qingli, is our technical adviser. Now our company covers an area of 10,200 square meters including a building area of over 6,120 square meters.

Our company has cultivated many scientific research management personnel during the cooperation with Nanjing University, and developed silicone rubber sealant products with excellent performance, which are widely applied to the fields of aerospace, aviation, instruments, chemical industry, light industry, electronic and electrical appliances, chemical industry pipeline, machinery, shipbuilding, electrical heating parts, household appliances and military. The product was used in the military technical tests such as “Surge-1” guided missile launched underwater, communication satellites, broadcasting satellite, experiment satellite, “Long March-2” carrier rocket, receiving congratulatory telegram, letters of congratulation and praise of CPC Central Committee, the State Council, the Central Military Commission and the Aviation Department for many times. Our company continuously launches new products which successfully replace imported products, saves a lot of foreign exchange for enterprises and the country, and makes a contribution to the localization of home appliances. Over the years, our company has been the designated supplier of the leading enterprise in the national home appliance industry—Sichuan Changhong Electric Co., Ltd.

Now our products mainly include RTV-1 silicone rubber. The production scale of two-component addition type silicone rubber (“ARC silicone rubber” for short) and two-component condensed type silicone rubber ( “RTV-2 silicone rubber” for short) developed and produced by our company expands year by year and the products boast many varieties and serialization. The products are sold well all over China except Taiwan, and some products are exported. In 2004, the output exceeded 220 tons, the output value was over RMB 15 million and the tax and profit was more than RMB 1.2 million.

Our company has won many honors one after another by virtue of the products with excellent performance and superior quality. Our company won Jiangsu Key Scientific and Technological Achievement Prize in 1980, national invention prize in 1981, Jiangsu High-quality Product in 1989, High-quality Product of the Ministry of Agriculture in 1991, Enterprise with Qualified Measurement, Qualified Manufacturer of Quantitatively-packed Commodities, Contract-honoring & Promise-keeping Enterprise for ten consecutive years, Changzhou Top 10 Enterprises in the Agricultural System, Jiangsu Star Enterprise in the Agriculture and Forestry System, etc. In recent years, our company attaches great importance to product service, carries out the concept of “Customer-centered”, and makes great efforts to build the quality management system. On February 1st, 2000, our company was certified to ISO9001, and won Quality Management System Certificate. On October 19th, 2002, our company was certified to ISO9001:2000.

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